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Movies & TV Series
Okay, i'm curious
What are your favourite Movies & TV Series at the moment?

My all time favourite movies:
- Saving Private Ryan
- Harry Potter Series
- Pirates of the Caribbean

My Favourite TV Series.
- Street Outlaws
- Smeris (Dutch TV Series)

Tell me what is yours? Big Grin
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My favourite movie without a doubt is The Shawshank Redemption!
Runner-up will probably be Interstellar.
Although Harry Potter is the best thing ever, the Tolkien stories are pretty dope aswell!

I also like The Walking Dead and House of Cards, Kevin Spacey is my hero
[Image: 2zp5ma8.png]
My Favorite Movie Is: Dragon Tiger Gate Aka Lung Fu Moon.
My Favorite TV Show Is: Supernatural.

I Do Have Other Movies/Shows I Like But They Are The Most Favorites.
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