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"The Unknown Map Pool"
Hey guys, Big Grin

I was searching for some new maps to play on our server.
Tested some on my homehosted server to check if there are any nice new maps which we dont know

I have an idea to create an alternative map pool with unknown maps which we can play!
For some maps i need to find out if there are bot waypoints available but first i want to know what you think.

Should we make an alternative map pool with Unknown maps?
Just to have some fun with ET and not play the same maps over and over again!

Let me know what you guys think about this! Huh

[Image: VH2QlXi.png]
[Image: graphic.png]
I like the idea, now the server is still pretty much empty everyday, there's the opportunity to test those maps.
I'd just like visitors their opinion about the maps asap after they would be available. So we can know which ones to keep/delete.

Anyways I'd just like to stick with the popular maps (nodownload maps and maps like delivery/snatch).
[Image: 2zp5ma8.png]
So an alternative map pool is good for you?
Since i know we can run a other map pool in lets say the weekend
and trough the week the standard ones
[Image: VH2QlXi.png]
[Image: graphic.png]
Honestly, I dont think this is a good idea.

1) We have got a few regulars now and I dont want to scare them away.
2) Look at TWC|ND for example, you need stability if you want guests nowadays
3) ET is old, so unknown maps are unkown/not popular for a reason.
4) Sure there will be exceptions to these rules but they can be bought up in the map ideas thread so we might add them.

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